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Saint Luke In The Fields Garden

In the winter, when it isn’t as fun to ride my bike to work, I like to take the PATH Train at Christopher Street to work. Walking up Hudson Street on all those snowy early mornings and peering into the garden at Saint Luke made me want Spring to happen immediately so I could walk through and smell all the flowers, or just relax on the benches. Now that it’s finally time to bike again, I am free to go for a walk after work and enjoy the beauty.

The walkway leading to Barrow Street.

The church, founded in 1822, was built on land donated by Trinity Church to accommodate the northern expansion of New York City into Greenwich Village, although the garden wasn’t added until 1952.

My favorite aspect of the garden is the hidden away feel you get as you wander deeper in, as most people passing by on the street ignore that it even exists behind the big walls of the church.


The original wall from the church, as seen on the inside.

A lovely floral carpet.



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