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Pride in the Village

2011 NYC Gay Pride Celebration

Yesterday marked the 42nd Annual NYC Gay Pride March in New York City. This year’s festivities held an extra special significance for New Yorkers, thanks to the recently passage of same-sex marriage in the New York State Senate.

NYC Gay Pride 2011 Celebration

2011 NYC Gay Pride Celebration

Laura and I walked out to Bleecker Street to admire the costumes (or lack thereof) of the parade-goers. Many local businesses were hosting pride parties of their own, complete with speakers blasting music out into the streets.

We were particularly struck by A.O.C’s pride party—the normally tranquil French bistro had been taken over, as dancers filled the windows and queens struck poses in the doorway.

NYC Gay Pride 2011 Celebration

We continued to wind around police barricades and cutting through the seemingly endless crowds along Christopher Street until we made it to our destination of the evening.

Sheep's Milk Ricotta Gnudi at the Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig held its annual pride party on the second and third floors of the restaurant, though diners on the cramped first floor were treated to the multiple glam entrances of the parade’s revelers.

"Don't Be a Drag, Be a Queen," at the Spotted Pig

Upstairs, guests were invited to try the “Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen” shot special, made with house-infused vanilla vodka with ginger syrup served from an anatomically-correct bust, sculpted from ice.

Ryan and Robinson at the Spotted Pig

Jenga at the Spotted Pig

Meanwhile, on the third floor, the celebrations continued. There was much singing. There was dancing. Many heated games of Jenga were played.

The Third Floor at the Spotted Pig

On our walk home the streets were still packed with people hugging and congratulating one another. The jubilation of the crowd was undying and continued long past our bedtime, I’m sure.

It was a day to not only be proud of who you are, but a great day to be a proud citizen of a brave state.

Happy Pride Weekend to all!



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An Epic Dinner at Roberta’s

Roberta's in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seriously wanted to order one of everything?

Well, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit—OK, no, I’m not—that I’ve now done just that.

Asparagus at Roberta's

Asparagus, pullet egg, trout roe, yuzu

On Tuesday night, one of Ryan’s friends, Kate, invited us to Roberta’s, where her boyfriend is a chef.

It’s been one of our favorite spots for awhile, but we don’t make it out to Bushwick as often as we like so Kate’s invite was just the push we needed to make us hop on the “L” train.

Snap Pea Salad at Roberta's

Salad with Bottarga at Roberta's

Roberta’s is located in a part of Bushwick better known for warehouses than innovative cuisine, but you shouldn’t let its humble exterior fool you.

Just this year, Carlo Mirarchi, Roberta’s chef, was named to Food & Wine magazine’s list of Best New Chefs—quite an honor indeed.

Cuttlefish at Roberta's

Cuttlefish, citrus, chili, opal basil

Foie Gras at Roberta's

Foie gras, rhubarb, black pepper

Of course, if the food Mirarchi is putting out is any predictor, this won’t be the biggest of accolades to come for Roberta’s.

As I said earlier, we literally ordered one of everything, so I won’t regale you with every detail of every dish. Just know that every thing was scrumptious (and the great company made it even better).

Lamb at Roberta's

Lamb breast, mint, spring onion, yogurt

Soft Shell Crab at Roberta's

Soft shell crab, spicy mayo, herbs

Black Bass at Roberta's

Black bass, bluefoot mushrooms, English pea puree

We ended up with a group of eight people and even though none of us really knew each other at the beginning of the evening, we were all laughing like good friends by the end of the (late) night.

Dessert and Friends at Roberta's

Dessert at Roberta's

Gelatos at Roberta's

Housemade gelato: rhubarb, mint chocolate, watercress, vanilla, salted caramel

We had all bonded over the amazing dishes coming out of that little kitchen, which I imagine is just what Mirarchi and his team want.

– Laura

P.S. Other non-photographed dishes included three pizzas, two pastas, an amazing cheese plate, and a lovely sous vide pork chop.

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San Francisco: Blue Bottle

While in San Francisco, it was important to me that we went on a tour of San Francisco’s many talked about coffee shops. I eventually determined that Blue Bottle—which recently opened a location in Brooklyn—was my favorite.

We met up with my friend Clay and his dog Charlie for a cup at the Mint Plaza location.

Laura and Charlie

I had a Siphon Pot of their Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry which was super rich and dark. Almost woodsy.

I can’t wait to try out the Brooklyn location upon returning home.

– Ryan

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