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A Summer Solstice Stroll

Hudson River Park Boardwalk

Happy Summer Solstice!

On Sunday afternoon, in true preparation for impending summer, Ryan and I walked off our brunch at Peels with a stroll along the Hudson River Park all the way down to Battery Park City. We even worked in a croquet match along the way!

Looking onto Battery Park City

Ryan rides his bike down the Hudson River Park quite often and has seen some of the incredible development going on in the area. I hadn’t been in the area recently, so I was surprised to see that the park’s Pier 25 is now open, complete with $5 minigolf, beach volleyball, a skatepark and a children’s water park.

Minigolf at Hudson River Park's Pier 25

Many of the park’s boardwalks along the river are still under construction, but the areas that are open are perfectly landscaped and more reminiscent of a Cape Cod dock than a park along the Hudson River in Manhattan. In fact, Pier 25’s “snack shack” ought to serve lobster rolls!

Setting Up for Croquet on the Rockefeller Park Lawn

Near its southern end, the Hudson River Park merges with another one of our favorites parks, Nelson A. Rockefeller Park, in Battery Park City.

Croquet on the Lawn at Rockefeller Park

Croquet on the Lawn at Rockefeller Park

Rockefeller Park has a lush lawn, overlooking the Hudson River and the Jersey City skyline—a truly perfect place for an evening croquet match!

Laura and Croquet at Rockefeller Park

Ryan Plays Croquet at Rockefeller Park

(In case you’re wondering, Ryan won. He also wanted to me to tell you all that I’m admittedly not very good.)

– Laura

Laura Ratliff and Ryan Smith

P.S. Today, we had the privilege of our High Line Park post being featured on WordPress.com’s Freshly Pressed!

This was entirely unexpected, so we were thrilled when we found out. If you’re a new subscriber or reader, welcome! We have lots of great things planned, so we hope you’ll stop by again.

Sunset on the Hudson River


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The High Line’s New Addition

The Grassy Lawn on The High Line, Phase Two

A few weeks ago, we wrote about one of our favorite places in the city—the High Line.

Flowers Along The High Line, Phase Two

Water Feature at the High Line

The post was slightly fueled from cabin fever (it had rained that entire week!), but mostly we were anticipating the opening of the High Line’s Phase Two, which runs from 20th Street in Chelsea north to 30th Street.

That time has finally come.

Flowers Along The High Line, Phase Two

The second phase differs from the first in a few ways.

Unlike the original section of the park—which seemed to be wide open, with the exception of a few warehouses and the Standard Hotel—the new pathway seems to snake along between residential buildings, both old and new.

This gives the second phase a more intimate feel, as windows and fire escapes of buildings are within arms reach of the park’s railings.

The High Line, Phase Two

A View of the High Line, Phase Two

Near 22nd Street, there is a nearly 5,000 square foot grassy lawn for visitors to lounge or picnic on.

You can also people watch on the nearby stadium seating, made from reclaimed teak wood from southeast Asian farm buildings.

The Grassy Lawn at the High Line, Phase Two

Viewing Area at The High Line, Phase Two

There is even more seating near the end of Phase Two, where an elegant curve of teak benches extends toward the exit of the new section.

The Lot at 30th Street at the High Line, Phase Two

One of the biggest attractions surrounding the new section’s opening is actually below the High Line itself. The Lot at 30th Street—yes, literally a lot—currently houses food trucks and a bar, so hungry and thirsty High Line visitors won’t go without.

Food Trucks at the Lot at 30th Street

Colicchio & Sons Bar at The High Line, Phase Two

A few perennial favorites, including Red Hook Lobster Pound, the Taco Truck, and Kelvin Slush were out today. Colicchio & Sons is manning the bar, serving beer and wine on draft.

Rainbow City at the High Line

The former parking lot is also home to a rotating selection of public events, most of which are free.

Currently, the space is home to AOL and FriendsWithYou’s “Rainbow City.”

Described as “an urban playground,” the lot is filled with colorful (and giant!) inflatable balloons that visitors are encouraged to interact with.

Flowers In Bloom Along The High Line

Blooms Along The High Line, Phase Two

The second phase has been a long time coming, so we were thrilled to finally have the chance to enjoy it. This new addition has set the bar pretty high for the third and final addition!

– Ryan


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Spring on the High Line

The weather in the city has been gloomy for the past four days, with no signs of letting up, much less improving. Even though rain is still a reprieve from the 20-inch high snowbanks we had just a few months ago, it’s still made me fondly remember some of the charming spring weather we have had thus far.

There is no prettier place to watch spring bloom than along the High Line. These photos are from a walk that Ryan and I took back in early April, just as blooms were escaping their winter cocoons and people were once again flocking to the great outdoors.

We’ve been back to the High Line many times since and have watched as even more flora has emerged along with the warming weather. We can’t wait until the next addition opens in June!

– Laura


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