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Greenmarket Delights

Now that spring has officially sprung here in the city, not only do we get to spend more time outside, but we also get all of our wonderful greenmarket vendors back! Since there is a such a variety of tremendously good produce available right now, I’ve taken to ordering only dry goods from FreshDirect and buying the rest at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday mornings.

It’s such a feast (both for eyes and stomach) that I can’t resist photographing, tasting and touching everything in sight. Ryan already makes fun of me for reaching out and touching anything and everything that attracts my interest (whether we’re at a bookstore, Barneys, or the grocery store), so I’m kind of glad that he’s typically not going to be around on Saturday mornings to witness my full-on love fest with the greenmarket.

I planned our menu for the week, mostly centering it around what I knew would be available—truly seasonal eating. This weeks menu features lots of spring greens (tatsoi, mustard greens, lamb’s-quarters and baby arugula), Swiss chard, asparagus, and ramps.

Oh, ramps. They’re an obsessive thing for most chefs, since their season is so short and they can be tough to find, but I find the obsession to be entirely justified. Just a few weeks ago, while at The Spotted Pig, we were treated to sauteed ramps with a farm-fresh egg on top. The pure simplicity and freshness of the dish reminded me that spring really is here and also motivated me to get some ramps as soon as possible.

The greenmarket is also the spot to find any certifiably weird ingredients that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Pineapple mint? Shiso leaf? Lavender-calendula tea? Goat meat? It’s all there.

It thrills me to no end that a) I can find this stuff and, most importantly, b) that I can support real agriculture in the middle of Manhattan. (And that I can touch everything ’til my heart’s content!)

– Laura


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San Francisco: Ferry Building

Prior to visiting San Francisco, I knew that one of our must-stops had to be the famed Ferry Building. I had read and heard so much about the quality of the goods sold there and I was eager to see how it compared next to the Union Square Greenmarket and Chelsea Market here in the city.

Not shown: the LARGEST lemons you have ever seen!

While I think the quality of most of the produce was comparable to what we get in the city, the variety was overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are a few things that just don’t grow as well here as they do in California’s lush Central Valley. One of these things: strawberries.

After gawking at the 100 varietals of chard available, we were understandably starved, so we satisfied ourselves with a few tacos as well as some gamja fries from the Namu tent.

Ryan was reluctant, but once he saw these fries—covered with kimchi relish, gochujang (spicy Korean red pepper paste, sweetened mayonnaise, teriyaki, chopped short ribs and green onions—he was more excited I was.

Needless to say, they were (mostly) devoured while we sat in the sun behind the Ferry Building and looked out toward the Bay Bridge. After we ate, we walked back along the Embarcadero, inhaling the sea air as gulls squawked overhead.

– Laura

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