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The Breslin’s Beef

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to stop in at The Breslin and watch the kitchen staff carve up an entire side of beef.

Billy Barlow, who has previously butchered at Marlow and Daughters and Emeril’s Delmonico, led us through the process of making each cut. He also described specific cuts, e.g. the top sirloin, tenderloin, ribeye, and so on. The amount of work that goes into ensuring everything is cut correctly is intense. The entire side weighed in at around 300 lbs. and took a few hours to completely carve up.

In an age of factory farms and pre-cut meat, it’s becoming more difficult to find restaurants that break down whole animals. In doing this, a restaurant is obliged to use as much of the animal as possible.

I think you’ll find that the photos speak for themselves.




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Ryan’s Birthday

For Ryan’s birthday this year, we decided to have a staycation at the Ace Hotel, right up the street.

However, before we checked into the Ace on Saturday night, we had a little party of our own at the house. Despite the dreary weather on Friday, I trudged over to Milk Bar in the East Village to pick up one of their delectable (and quite famous) birthday cakes that I had ordered earlier in the week. I made another stop after picking up the cake:

On Saturday, we grabbed the dog, hailed a cab and headed to the Ace. We check into our room, complete with an amazing view of the Empire State Building, and then headed downstairs for some pre-dinner tipple at the John Dory Oyster Bar, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s newest restaurant.

When we arrived back into our room, the Ace had left us a little birthday surprise.

After relaxing in the room, we had a delicious dinner at The Breslin (where Ryan actually works). Of course, we were already pretty full from some of the most decadent oysters ever at Dory, but we still managed to stuff ourselves with scrumpets, a terrine board, day boat scallops, sweetbreads, oxtail, seafood sausage, and brioche doughnuts, to name a few. (It was seriously gluttonous.)

After an hour or so in the room to let our dinner settle, we headed down for a nightcap at the Dory. It was relatively quiet in the bar—the only other patrons at the time were the Arcade Fire—but we enjoyed watching the long line of people outside queuing up for the LCD Soundsystem after party through the massive windows.

Thanks to the resulting food coma, our night ended earlier than expected, but we woke up to next morning to a full-on breakfast in bed, courtesy of the hotel. Before departing our staycation, we relaxed (read: recovered) in the hotel lobby for a couple of hours before heading out.

Ryan has exuberantly claimed that it was his best birthday ever and I’m inclined to agree. This year’s festivities will make next year hard to top.

– Laura

Us, pre-The Breslin. (Note that Ryan had multiple costume changes throughout the day and into the evening.)

The Birthday Boy

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